Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide

Training Guide for the Basenji Dog Breed

About Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide

Basenjis are a very odd and strange breed of dogs – if you are unfamiliar with them.  But once you get to know and love them, Basenjis become a very graceful and wonderful creature.  It is because of this that we were motivated to write the Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide.  As the first of our series of Dog Breed Training Guides, we chose the Basenji because of how unknown and misunderstood this breed can be.  Most people only know the Basenji as ‘the barkless dog’ or ‘that dog who howls whenever his owners leave’  but there is much more to the Basenji than that.  We love Basenjis and want to share that love with other people.  We want to make sure that all Basenjis are well understood and loved by their families as well.  Because if you can understand your Basenji then all the better for you and the dog.

Basenjis can be very different than other dog breeds, and because of this it is important to know what those differences are and how to train your Basenji despite these differences.  If you know how to train a Basenji as opposed to just training any dog, it will be much easier and faster for you and your Basenji.  Not only do we cover basic training, crate training, potty training, etc. but also more complicated training topics like tricks and advanced commands.  So whether you just want to potty train your Basenji or you want to make him dog-show ready, you need the Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide.